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Bass: red Ibanez Soundgear, year unknown.

Amp: Ampeg SVT-350 running through an Ampeg 1x15" cabinet.

Pedals: Boss Bass Overdrive, TU-2 Tuner



Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul, sunburst finish.

Amp: Marshall 1x15" combo.

Pedals: Boss DD-3 Delay, TU-2 tuner.

Misc: shaker! shake it shake it.


Guitars: brown sunburst Fender American Fat Telecaster with black pickguard and stacked humbucker at the bridge, silver sparkle Epiphone Les Paul, and that awesome seafoam green Danelectro baritone guitar that he never ever plays.

Amps: 1965 Fender blackface Bassman head through a Yorkville 2x12" cab.

Pedals: Boss DD-5 Delay, TU-2 tuner, OD-2 Overdrive/Distortion, MXR Phase 90, Whirlwind A/B switch.


Shells: Yamaha Stage Custom: 12"x10" rack tom, 16"x16" floor tom, 22"x17" bass drum, 14"x5.5" snare (birch?). The finish is that awesome dark stained oaky-looking color that they don't seem to make anymore.

Cymbals/hardware: all cymbals are Zildjian: 13" hi hats, K top, A Mastersound bottom. Crashes are 17" and 18" As. Ride is a 20" A medium. Stands are Yamaha, bass pedal is Tama Iron Cobra.

Sticks/heads: currently using Vic Firth 7A sticks, though this is likely to change because they're too light. Prefers Vater 5As but can never find them. All heads are Remo: toms are coated Emperors on top and clear Ambassadors on the bottom, snare is coated Emperor on top and Ambassador snare-side on the bottom, bass drum is CS beater-side and the stock black head with Yamaha logo on the front side.